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The Naked Truth About Love

Is there anymore misinterpreted or emotionally-charged subject than love? Individuals will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill for what they call love. They will be sad in relationships as a result of whatever they call love. They’re going to quit everything they’ve, and sacrifice everything that matters to them out of what they call love. 

The world is completely miserable as a result of what you claim is love. Children pursue studies and jobs they do not enjoy given that they ‘love’ their parents. Parents act on jobs they hate and sacrifice time, money, and personal interests from ‘love’ because of their children. People spend their lives feeling jealous and insecure, or sad and angry, since they ‘love’ someone a lot of to leave them.

Families pretend to enjoy the other person and sacrifice their true interests, to keep onto the ‘love’ of others, or simply because they ‘love’ them. That isn’t love, people.

Real love isn’t seeking of another’s approval. It isn’t really the thrill of someone’s traits. It is also not sexual attraction. It’s not desire. It isn’t lust. It is not the need to build up the energy of some other person. It is not the appreciation for that physical appeal of another. It is not the preference for the next person’s personality, or agreement with their opinions and an enjoyment of shared interests. It doesn’t really want someone else to become happy, either.

Love of his life, Divine Love, is often a force. It is just a frequency. It’s energy. Divine Love is the most powerful, high-frequency energy on the planet, and not the mention the universe. People say, “Love conquers all,” that is not right. Real love, Divine Love, conquers almost nothing. Rather, it HEALS absolutely everything. Divine Love is actually its powerful. It causes miracles happen.


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