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A Look at Love

Love, the elusive force that underlies all things known in our world, what could it perhaps be?  In this topic of opposites we call life we discover Love as one as only thing that stands alone. This doesn’t have from it another as the thought that we have started to termed as hate has an emotional component that may be attached to pretty much everything that keeps us from fulfilling our desires. 

To desire something would be to want something there isn’t, as well as to become something about to catch, if things are all always correctly, in perfect balance, and then everything perform comes from a place that feels it’s not content even as we will almost always be trying to be complete that we are by using happiness. Happiness then becomes essentially the most desired place which has a tendency to want to does when everything is working out within our favor, in line with the vision we’ve of our perfect life.

The thought of distaste, frustration, unhappiness, fear, anger, dislike etc… can all be observed as variations in hate intensity that’s more the alternative of desire than love. Distaste as it contradicts your opinion, disappointment as it fails to deliver of the expectation, anger given it doesn’t adhere to your intention, or fear which is unknown. These are quite obvious contradictions to some desired outcome but have little about Love.

Hate then gets to be an extremely powerful concept since it is considered as the other of affection which suggests there is an opposite to existence in most its forms, or even worse it points too Love has connected with the fulfilling of desire.






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