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Signs It’s Lust, Not Love

It happens to a lot of guys, where you have a girl for one thing another girl for another thing and you don’t actually want to lose either of them, but you don’t truly know why. Women get it done too they call it having male friends. You are not necessarily doing anything wrong with either one of them, any more than they are you just haven’t pinned anyone down for anything serious… yet. If you will or otherwise not remains seen, of course, if both parties realize and Happy with the arrangements, no harm no foul. This simply means, your bases are covered. 

But everyone understands this can’t last forever, so what should you do if it’s time to select? Sometimes the request arises from her, and frequently it’s you who should perform the introspection. If you are racking your brains on whether or not it’s lust or love with one specific girl, verify solar panel systems these signs you cross off your mental list when you find yourself weighing the pros and cons.


“Hot” is the first word you think of when you imagine her. If this describes how you describe her to your friends, repeatedly, then may well be love. Your intentions are matched because when you describe her. Folks who wants even remember her name, no, that you do not love her.

What she says or thinks does not matter to you. It isn’t that you’re uncaring you just simply have time, energy and brain compartments for people that matter. And she’s not one of them her compartment is surely an entirely different organ so far as you’re concerned.

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