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Feeling as Uncertain People Feel

Your ambivalence in people – of going backward and forward in undecided fashion – is annoyingly common, and for the more decisive of people it’s really a test of both patience and charm. Loving individuals who change their marbles frequently, instead of knowing ‘where’ they’ll be at virtually any moment, leaves normally decisive people feeling rather indecisive. It may be viewed as a intrusion on the person to experience indecisiveness if we prefer simply to go one of the ways or another. 

Then there’s a further complication the individual we handle that is ambivalent to the point of us never being able to achieve any sense of intimacy, trust, or rapport with them.


Our empathy for the people individuals who appear more uncertain than we have been must are derived from understanding ourselves when we’re about uncertain.

All people have had their uncertainties. And when anyone thinks they have never been uncertain some may likewise have made additional mistakes in your life than the average person. Decisiveness is usually a mark of pride of self-sufficiency of ignorant self-certainty.

It’s not all decisiveness is borne of wisdom. Much of it may be borne of folly.

So sometimes, especially when we are honest, we see our very own uncertainties in true light. Therefore we can remember the sense inside ourselves fear of conflicts for either approach or avoidance (concurrently!). Empathy for undecided others is easy once we consider the inner conflicts they must be struggling with. Whether these inner conflicts make any sense to all of us or otherwise not is near the point.



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