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Unafraid of People and Able to Love

It’s amazing how, once we open ourselves as much as God, the amount of he shows us the amount we could learn.

Just like the time, recently, when my wife and I went along to the flicks and had one of those impromptu meetings with another couple i met just once several weeks ago. I recalled their names and greeted them by name. The 1st meeting would have been a positive one, as was this place. We talked, we smiled, we laughed, and we all parted every walked, as separate couple, in the same movie theatre.

During the movie I became aware of the possibility of another chance encounter I possibly could feel my inner being tensing up thinking that is a little ridiculous once I imagine God’s faithfulness in all of my interactions. And, I suffer no insufficient self-confidence online websites, yet there’s around my subconscious fear regarding some interactions, particularly with individuals I not really know that well yet. 

However, God afflicted me with a thought: all of us are generally just a little frightened of people.

All of us often avoid some relational and interactional situations. And it’s not just the introverted the extroverted, which we are one, likewise have their fears which drive all kinds of different avoidance behaviors.

Being unafraid of men and women in social situations is the foremost of most social blessings, for what it provides us: freedom to love someone without being worried for the way we’re performing or how they’re responding. Being unafraid means we interact in freedom to adore.

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